Oysho Gymwear Lookbook; Summer 2013

Those energetic girls who love to keep body in perfect shape I offer to take a closer look at Oysho Gymwear lookbook for 2013 summer that represents fantastic sportswear pieces for girls.
Oysho Gymwear Lookbook; Summer 2013

Spanish brand managed to become very popular in short period of time with its amazing collections for 2013 spring and at this time represents gymwear lookbook full of cute pieces. Read more »

LF Stores Creme of the Crop 2013 Lookbook

Designers seem to have a mission to make all fashionistas go crazy this summer and here is another reason of madness. LF Stores ‘Creme of the Crop’ collection brought into the limelight so crazy and amazing pieces of clothing that I could hardly resist the temptation to buy them all.

LF Stores Creme of the Crop 2013 Lookbook

With the temperature rising clothes become more sexy and provocative so if you have stuck to boring ad conservative style, I am sure  that after looking through this lookbook you will be totally ready to break out of your boring shell. Enough talking! Let’s go back to LF Stores ‘Creme of the Crop’ 2013 lookbook. Read more »

ZAC Zac Posen 2013 Fall Lookbook

ZAC Zac Posen is additional line to already popular Zac Posen brand. Feautured by model Lindsey Wixon ZAC Zac Posen 2013 fall lookbook introduces amazing selection of evening dresses and totally wearable pieces for true fashionistas. Hurry up to check out new ZAC Zac edition and find out which is better.


ZAC Zac Posen 2013 collection represents amazing pieces of clothing perfectly suitable for fall. Color palette of collection is simply breathtaking: from black to silver, red, burgundy, emerald, purple and teal, creative designers decided to spice up cool autumn days with dazzling colors. Read more »

Maternity Dresses for Kate Middleton

I am sure that you have heard much about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy but you probably don’t know what she is going to wear during coming months. If you want to learn more about the Duchess of Cambridge and her new style here are the collection of maternity dresses’ sketches from famous designers.

Maternity Dresses for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton managed to become beauty icon and inspiration fro millions of women in a short period of time and I am sure that her new image will be copied million times.

This campaign was the idea of Women’s Wear Daily journal who offered some of the worldwide designer houses to represent sketches of maternity dresses. Nina Ricci, Amanda Wakeley, Alexis Mabille, Chloe, Huishan Zhang, Donna Karan, Nicole Miller, Lela Rose, Andrew Gn, Lorry Newhouse and Karl Lagerfeld are designers who introduced creative dresses from princess. Read more »

Moschino Fall 2013 Collection; Milan Fashion Week

Though 2013 fashion weeks have already taken place and famous designer houses have represented their new collections, still there are numerous runway shows that we haven’t considered yet. Let me correct my mistake and introduce you Moschino fall 2013 collection from Milan fashion week.

Moschino Fall 2013 Collection; Milan Fashion Week

For 2013 fall collection Moschino creative designers got inspiration from military styles and spiced them up with bright colors. True devotees of this label were looking forward to fall collection with great impatience and at last Moschino represented some of the hottest pieces during Milan fashion week. Though the runway show included only the part of collection, it was already clear that Moschino 2013 fall collection is going to make a real boom in fashion industry. Read more »

Balenciaga Handbags for 2013 Fall

As handbag has stopped being just a functional accessory and it is already considered as one of the most essential parts of woman’s outfit, designers pay special attention to handbags. As a result popular brands and designers represent amazing handbag collection for every season.Balenciaga Handbags for 2013 Fall

True fashionistas surely know how to choose proper handbag and which are the trends of 2013. If you also want to stay in touch with the latest trends, here are some examples of Balenciaga handbags for 2013 fall that will show you what means statement accessory. Read more »

Mawi Glitter Clutches; Fall 2013

If spring and summer are the seasons of joy and colors, fall is all about drama and this became the concept of Mawi clutches collection launched for 2013 fall. The words that can describe Mawi new collection are “the more the better” and you will soon be convinced of  this statement.

Mawi Glitter Clutches; Fall 2013

Mawi Glitter clutches include all the luxury of jewels and can be surely considered amazing accessory for evening outfit. The lovers of shine accessories will surely like all pieces included in fall 2013 collection so let me introduce brief gallery of Mawi clutches and help you to find the best one for your evening outfit. Read more »

Parfois Accessories; Spring/Summer 2013

Girls adore wearing statement accessories and that’s why popular labels represent new jaw dropping collection for every season. For spring and summer almost all labels have launched accessory lines but now I want to represent you Parfois accessory collection for 2013 spring and summer that offer you amazing parade of ultra-hot and modern pieces for beauty bunnies.

Parfois Accessories collection

Accessory be it jewelry, stylish bag, headpiece, scarf or belt can totally change image and glam up even the most boring outfit so it is very important to have different styles of accessories for any occasion. You will find zillion examples suitable for your taste and style. But now let me show you Parfois accessories that are definitely worth to be included in your collection. Read more »

Oysho ‘White Nights’ Lingerie Lookbook

Choosing lingerie is the most favorite part of shopping for any woman and designers definitely know this. Every year popular brands represent totally new and gorgeous lingerie collections that make women go crazy and here is another lookbook representing the hottest lingerie pieces.

Oysho 'White Nights' Lingerie Lookbook

Spanish brand Oysho represented ‘White Nights’ lingerie lookbook that includes all the cutest lingerie pieces in white and pastel tones. This collection personalises innocence and purity and if you are the lover of such styles you will surely fall in love with every single item of Oysho collection. Read more »

Makeup Trends 2013; Cat Eye Makeup

2013 trends are very hot in all aspects be it fashion, hairstyle or makeup. We have talked much about 2013 fashion tendencies, trendy colors and styles and at this time I want to show you cat eye makeup trend for 2013.

Makeup Trends 2013; Cat Eye Makeup

2013 eye makeup trends are more natural and subtle with pastel tones but cat eye makeup will always be trendy. Retro style has survived the decades and till now this stays the best option to vamp up look. There are many ways to apply cat eye makeup so here are some ideas for your inspiration. Read more »