Top Most Wanted Shoes

Girls have many addictions; they never can’t pass by lingerie boutique, designer accessories and definitely can’t be ignore shoes. Oh shoes! Those high heels and wedges, flats and pumps! Who can resist the temptation to have a whole closet of ten and more pairs of shoes? The more we get the more we want and it is a hundred percent true statement about the love of girls to shoes. Well if you are shoe addicted you need to check out those must have shoes for any occasion. Top most wanted shoe types will help you to complete your collection of shoes with those that you were looking for such a long time.

Must Have Shoes

Ballet flats

Comfort should always be on the first place when it comes to shoes. No matter you are wearing flats or heels you should feel no pain otherwise your life will turn into an endless hours of pain. Ballet flats are a must in your collection because it is impossible to go on high heels all day long. If you can’t live without heels keep flats in your handbag so that you can get changed whenever you feel tired.

Ballet flats

Gym sneakers

Gym sneakers are perfect for gym but if you have picked stylish and cool pair of sneakers you can easily wear them on the street with jeans and sweater.


Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are really cool especially of you are the lover of boho style. Choose earth colors to combine them with any outfit.


Summer Wedges

Wedges are more comfortable than heels. It is like a golden middle way between flats and heels. It is much easier to walk on wedges. They look gorgeous with both dresses and casual style.


The Classic Pump

Any girl who respects herself should have a pair of classy pumps that can be worn with office outfit and formal dinners.



Sandals look more feminine than flip-flops but they are still extremely comfortable and stylish. You should definitely have a pair of sandals in your collection. Pick neutral colors to match with any outfit or get really cool bright color and wear it on special occasions.


High Heels

Oh those sexy heels! Who can resist the temptation to have a pair, no, actually two pairs of high heels. Woman definitely looks more attractive on high heels and no matter you are wearing little black dress or skinny jeans you will look jaw dropping on heels.


Riding Boots

For rainy days you should have a pair of tall boots that will make you feel comfortable and protected from rain. Choose comfortable ones in neutral tones.


Nude Heels

Besides of high heels in bright or dark colors make sure you have a pair of nude heels that will become your lifesaver in different situations. If you don’t have suitable color of shoes for your dress, nude heels will save you.



For classy office outfit loafers are perfect. They are stylish, comfortable and very trendy.