Get Ready for Bikini Season

It is time to get in shape for bikini season. If you want to be the most beautiful girl in your sexy swimsuit you need to follow those simple rules and you will easily lose extra pounds sooner than you could imagine.

Get ready for Bikini Season

First of all reorganize your diet. There is no need to go for starving or low calorie diet. All you need is to stay away from bloating food. The products are rich in sodium like drinks and soda. Instead, you can add more fruits and vegies for diet like pineapple, citrus, greens and asparagus. Limit daily portion of saturated fats and carbs and use food rich in fiber.

There are zillion workout tricks to get rid of belly or make hips more attractive and train upper part of body. There is no need to get exhausted with whole complex of workouts; you will soon get tired so start with a single type. For the beginning take short period for workout then increase it gradually with extra 5 minutes.

Switch to new habit of drinking at least 3 glasses of water on an empty stomach. This trick will keep skin hydrated as well as activate metabolism and speed up fat burning.

Limit yourself in drinking alcohol. Besides of calories alcohol slows down metabolism and fat burning process. Take break for couple of weeks and your goal to have perfect body will be much closer.

At last, if you are still not satisfied with the result you can play with styles of swimsuits. Play with prints and colors to make extra pounds less visible. Stay away from too bold bikinis.

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