How to Choose Lingerie

The most tempting part of shopping is lingerie and choosing lingerie is a real pleasure, at least for me. I just can’t pass by lingerie shop without buying something. If you are also the lover of sexy lingerie you surely understand my temptation. Still, sometimes women simply do not know how to choose proper type of lingerie and it can bring to unnecessary expenditures. If you are rookie in this art and you want to have rich collection of proper lingerie, here are some rules and tips on how to choose it.

How to Choose Lingerie

First thing to keep in mind is the type of your body. Actually, this factor should always be taken into consideration as it is the guarantee of your attractiveness and sexuality. Moreover, you should know the shape of your body in order to choose suitable size of bra. Sometimes women choose smaller or bigger size of bra and it can totally ruin image. I hope that you will meet respectable sales assistant who will help you to find proper size of lingerie. Still, knowing proper tips is must.

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Just a few words for women who think that wearing small size of bra is sexy. Stop doing that! It looks simply awful. Do you think you look hot with squeezed bust? I don’t think so. I really hope that you are not the one who acts and thinks so let’s get back to rules and tricks.

Next detail that you should take into consideration is lingerie color. Make sure it is suitable for your skin tone because if you choose something not suitable for your complexion will not look sexy with such lingerie. The factor of color is important for clothing and not only for lingerie so keep it in mind and remember it when going for shopping.

how-to-choose-sexy lingerie

The style of lingerie is as important as color. Due to great versatility of styles you can find the hottest one but again your body type should be taken into account. Whether you are looking for something sexy and breathtaking or want to have comfortable and high quality lingerie you will surely find the best one for you.
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