How to Wear Strapless Bra

Strapless bra is a must in woman’s wardrobe because wearing an evening dress with bra’s straps showing off is not appropriate even if it is informal party. The choice of strapless bra is very important; it should perfectly match your body and make your dress look beautiful. Still some girls have difficulties on choosing and wearing strapless bra. As a beauty guideline you can read these 5 hacks on how to wear a strapless bra.

6 hacks on how to wear a strapless bra.
1. The band is too loose.

First important factor that you should pay attention to is a band. Loose band will not provide with proper support so choose a smaller size. Plus size women need to choose bra with wider band in order to stay away from such faux pas like back-fat rolls.
2. The band is too narrow.

Women with large chest should also pick bra with band. This is essential especially if you have C cups. Bustiers or strapless shape wear bodysuits are perfect for large chest.

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3. Choose proper dress.

If your dress puts weight on a bra and pulls it down, both dress and your breasts will lose shape and their attractive look.
Find a dress that will be fitted through the waist so that hips will support the dress and not your chest.

how to wear strapless bra
4. Do not wear worn out bra.

Even if you are wearing an expensive bra it will keep its shape about six months. Strapless bras lose shape even faster so if you want flawless look wear a new one.

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7. Completely invisible

Strapless bra should be completely invisible under dress. The best choice is strapless bra with an unlined cup. Next, make sure the dress or top is not too tight so that it will not make visible all the lines of underwear.

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