Victoria’s Secret 2014 Bridal Collection

Wedding is the most sacred and romantic day for brides and that’s why they spend so much time, energy and money on planning the big day. Surely the most important thing about wedding is bridal dress but what about bridal lingerie? Victoria’s Secret designers decided to help you representing luxurious bridal collection for 2014.


When it comes to Victoria’s Secret lingerie everyone becomes speechless. The label has already gained devotion and love of millions of fans all over the world and today just hearing the name we get excited.

For campaign designers chose Lindsay Ellingson and Anais Pouliot angels who represented new bridal lingerie collection in the best way. As it is bridal collection everything is in pure white; so innocent and so sexy.


The most delicate lace is represented in sultry cuts. Key item from Victoria’s Secret bridal collection is surely smashing camisole with sheer details and chiffon. Complect includes push up bra and bottom. Designers played special attention to details; after all this is bridal collection and it should be nothing but flawless.

Do you want something really special? Take a look at balconette top with chiffon and lace that will be amazing complement to your wedding dress. Actually any of these lingerie pieces will look fantastic for such an important day.