Jeans trends 2014

DIY Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans is may be the most popular and beloved design of youngsters and not only. This cool and casual style of jeans can be worn from day to night and matched with any accessory. Virtually all brands of denim pieces and not only include new gorgeous styles of ripped jeans in new collections and girls just go crazy about them.


You can surely find infinite styles of ripped jeans both cheap and expensive but there is another trick you can do. You can transform your old jeans into sexy and super stylish ripped jeans with simple trick. Here are some ideas on how to make ripped jeans for your own.  Read more »


Fashion Trends; Ripped Jeans

The trend of street fashion with grunge allure is very strong today and many fashion forward people choose this relaxed and casual style. One of the essential details of street style is ripped jeans and that’s why the trend of ripped jeans is so popular nowadays.

Let’s have a short historical review of ripped jeans and then find out tips on how to wear them.


The trend was first seen in 1980s when the influence of rock stars was quite strong. Now it has become a separate trend in modern fashion and many popular labels include ripped jeans in new collection. Though ripped jeans are very popular you should know right tips to wear the trend and secrets on how to combine it with other pieces. Read more »


Joe’s Jeans Lookbook; 2013 Fall

For the lovers of jeans and denim pieces I want to represent new Joe’s Jeans lookbook for 2013 fall that has already become very popular among true fashionistas. Besides of those ultra-modern pieces, this lookbook shows the hottest images and style combos to inspire you.


Being one of the most popular labels nowadays it included all the newest trends and lines in new fall and winter campaign; prints and patterns, plaids and of course grunge style. Are you ready to pull off one of those smashing images included in Joe’s Jeans new lookbook. Read more »


Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ Anti-Cellulite Jeans Campaign

Women always try to look slimmer and do everything to stay away from excessive weight and other problems like cellulite. Thanks to numerous modern products and diets it has become much easier to control perfect wight still women seek for perfection and this became the main inspiration of Wrangler new ‘Denim Spa’ anti-cellulite jeans campaign launched recently.

'Denim Spa' Anti-Cellulite Jeans Campaign

Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ Anti-Cellulite jeans are not just jeans with specific name, they indeed have slimming effect. Moreover, they contain moisturizing and slimming ingredients that act like a little spa time for your legs. Featured by model Elizabeth Jagger, Wrangler new campaign represents a set of amazing jeans so hurry up to find out which are the specific features of Wrangler collection. Read more »


2013 Spring Joe’s Jeans Lookbook

Are you the lover of denim jeans? If so, you will surely love Joe’s Jeans new collection for 2013 spring. This campaign is going to show all the best designs from coming collection so do not waste your time and become the first to check out this fabulous collection.
2013 Spring Joe's Jeans Lookbook
Joe’s Jeans brand offers not just jeans and casual wearable goodies, it offers you to become real seductress wearing jeans and I must say that designers succeeded in their mission. Read more »

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The Styles of Jeans to Look Slim

Jeans were and will always be trendy for both men and women and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in wardrobe. I myself love jeans because it is convenient and suitable for casual outfit. Thanks to zillion styles of jeans and brands you will easily find the best option for you even without spending a lot of money.

The Styles of Jeans to Look Slim

As any other piece of clothing jeans should be suitable for your figure and body type and neglecting the importance of this factor can ruin your image. I hope that you know all the secrets of looking attractive but if you are still not satisfied by your physical appearance, I have some ideas for you. Check out these styles of jeans and find out which one will make you look slimmer.

Read more »