Pre-Fall 2014 Collections

2014-2015 Fall/Winter Shoe Trends

The latest fashion shows for 2014-2015 fall and winter have represented new designer collections for new season. Besides of garments designers represented new styles of accessories and shoes for coming season so we can already check out some amazing designs straight from the catwalk.


Most styles represented below are edgy and dramatic. Most of them will stay conceptual but still they should be considered. Knowing trendy details of coming season you will be able to choose the best style for you. Find your favorites from 2014-2015 fall/winter shoe trends.

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Color Trends; Fall/Winter 2014-2015

The latest fashion weeks have already represented 2014-2015 fall/winter collections and trends and we can now find out what is going to be trendy for coming season. Let’s begin with color trends. The following examples are represented best styles from popular designer houses and brands; they are trendsetters of modern fashion.


Coming fall and winter are going to be bright even if it is supposed to wear darker tones for winter. The following palette of trendy colors include both subtle and bright shades for any taste. Let’s check out 2014-2015 fall/winter color trendsRead more »

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Alexander McQueen 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

Alexander McQueen is definitely one of the most popular designers that always keep traditions and signature. Every new collection amazes with luxurious details, textures, glitter and dramatic cuts and new 2014 pre-fall collection is perfect approval of my statemant. Though we have so much time for collection to be launched we can now enjoy this line of mind blowing designs.


Creative director Sarah Burton commented later;

“It’s the idea of things being slightly undone, after having been so nipped in and corseted”.

The main feature of entire collection is drama; colors, details and cuts scream for drama. Perfectly suitable for fall designer respresnted whole line of wardrobe essentials from comfy oversixed coats, suits to luxurious dresses with bold décolleté and sexy cuts. Read more »


Altuzarra 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

Altuzarra 2014 pre-fall collection continues main conception of spring collection and represents even more elegant designs in subtle and dark tones. Let’s find out what is included in new collection and what you would like to see in your wardrobe.


The main idea of Joseph Altuzarra was to offer women highly fashionable, comfortable and stylish clothing that could be worn from day to night. Well I can say that the mission is complete. New pre-fall collection represents enormous collection full of all neccessary pieces for cool weather. Designer talking about his new collection; Read more »


Oscar de la Renta 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

Oscar de la Renta has already launched 2014 pre-fall collection that represented magnificent parade of bright and colorful evening gowns, dresses and many other designs that capture attention. Designers tried to create complete collection full of all neccessary designs for any occasion from formal events to informal parties. Diversity of textures, fabrics, colors and prints simply take breath away and I hardly could find particular conception of new pre-fall collection. Let’s check out some of the best styles.


At first sight one can say that Oscar de la Renta new collection includes quite elegant and classy styles but everything is in details; beautiful floral prints, stripes and checkered prints are completed with creative cuts. The most practical pieces from new collection are jackets made of high quality cashmere and angora completed with leather details. They are perfect for cool weather. In lookbook those jackets and outerwear pieces are completed with stylish skirts and pants that are again included in collection. Read more »


Alexander Wang 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

Alexander Wang designer house is synonymous with epatage, extravagancy, conceptual and modern styles. Every new collection brings into the limelight so many gorgeous designs and they immediatelly get devotion of millions of fashionistas. Alexanger Wang has already represented several styles from 2014 pre-fall collection and we can now find out what is going to be included in new 2014 pre-fall collection.


Designer never shies away from bold experiments; it concern to both color combos, prints and patters, textures and cuts. The philosophy of Alexander Wang designer house is uniqueness; you can hardly find any other brand that is similar to Alexander Wang. Designer has already got millions of devotees and new edition will surely gain attention. I guess it is time to take a closer look at 2014 pre-fall collection. Read more »


Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

2014 fashion trends are quite contrastive; bright colors, fabrics, prints and patterns are mixed and matched creating unimaginable styles. We have already seen several pre-fall collections by popular labels and designer houses and we can now make some predictions about 2014 fall. At this time I want to represent you Diesel Black Gold pre-fall 2014 collection that is represented in a brief gallery.


It is quite clear from collection’s title that Diesel pieces are mostly in black and dark colors. The versatily of fabrics and designs is eye catching; contastive styles will take you to a new level and you will surely find some amazing examples from new 2014 pre-fall collection. Read more »


Diane von Furstenberg 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

If you are the lover of graphic prints and patterns I want to introduce you Diane von Furstenberg new pre-fall collection. It is a real parade of multi chromatic pieces and modern cuts full of bright and contrastive colors.


For this collection designers got inspiration from Venetian mosaic and mixed it with New York street fashion with bold cuts and modern details. Such mixture is really impressive and that’s why I am totally sure that Diane von Furstenberg 2014 pre-fall collection will have great success.  Read more »


Zac Posen 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

Zac Posen is one of designers whose name synonymous with elegance and femininity. New 2014 pre-fall collection is another approval to this statement. If you are true devotee of designer pieces you can now check out what is going to be included in pre-fall collection.


At this time too Zac Posen represented line of elegant evening dresses that will surely be seen on the red carpet. Though this is still brief gallery of coming enormous collection we can already make predictions. As for me, all those styles are perfect. Let’s take a closer look at the small part of coming pre-fall collection by Zac Posen. Read more »


Burberry Prorsum; 2014 Pre-Fall Collection

It is winter and we have so many cold days ahead but designers and labels have already represented pre-fall collections. One of the best 2014 pre-fall collections that I want to show you is Burberry Prorsum pre-fall collection which is absolutely stunning.


Keeping all traditions of label and injecting some modern and new details Burberry Prorsum designers represented enormous collection full of outerwear pieces as well as line of dresses, pants, blouses and shirts that will be trendy for 2014 fall.  Read more »