Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2022

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You don’t want to be a full redhead neither brown head? There is a solution for you- auburn hair colors for 2022. Auburn is something in between these two shades. It is not just a tone, as there are numerous sub-tones that you can choose from. Of course the choice should be based on your skin tone, eye color, hair type and etc. Perhaps auburn is the easiest shade of red to achieve. Brunettes don’t have to put extra effort to get the color. Just check out these pictures for better ideas.Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2022Natural Auburn Hair Color

The best thing about auburn is that it looks super natural. It means you can get it as all over color, highlights or ombre. Most of females prefer to use balayage technique to blend the brown and red auburn hues seamlessly. If you like this look, show the picture to your colorist and ask him/her to place some face-framing highlights over your face.Honey Blonde Balayage

It is a ridiculously gorgeous look that requires using highlights of similar hues. Inject honey blonde to your dark hair color to create a harmonious color blend. Balayage is the best technique to make your locks appear more dimensional. Well, make sure that your colorist is skillful enough to create a chic and sophisticated color like this one.Honey Blonde BalayageDark Copper Hair Color

Well, unfortunately light copper is not for everyone. If you are a woman with light skin tone you will look better with medium or dark auburn shades. These tones will add extra pop to your hair. With these auburn hair colors you bound to turn heads. Dark copper hair color can be worn on any hair length and texture. It is a low-maintenance look that doesn’t require extra care.Dark Copper Hair ColorWavy Auburn Hair Color

Beach waves are the most effortless style to pull off when you are looking for a headdress to fit into busy schedule. Braid you locks at night undo in the morning and your beach waves are ready to impress. But your hairstyle will look fuller only when you pair it with a right hair color such as auburn. It is a style for women of different ages.auburn bobAuburn with Highlights

There is something irresistible about this style. The hair colorist placed some lighter highlights towards the tips for an ultra-sexy look. Note that fiery cinnamon highlights expertly add dimension into the reddish brown hair. When it comes to styling, you can opt for any headdress you want, since a rich color like this will add a sophisticated touch to your look.Auburn with Highlights



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