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Like always, celebrities are there to provide us with lots of fresh ideas for coloring our tresses or getting a brand-new haircut. Today I have rounded up celebrity inspired hair colors that are chic and stylish. If you haven’t decided on which hair color you want to do your experimentation, just keep reading and find some natural-looking shades.

hair colorsGigi Hadid Bright Blonde Hair Color

Gorgeous top model Gigi Hadid brings her bright blonde hair color back. It is not just a blonde tone, it is a rich hair color spiced up with chunky hair highlights. Bronde queen knows how to show off her love towards blonde tones. She can be inspiring for blondes who are looking for ways to upgrade their current blonde strands. Show this picture to your hair colorist and make sure that you get right highlights.Gigi Hadid Bright Blonde Hair ColorAsh Blonde Hair Color

Karlie Kloss is next on our list. She wears an ash blonde hair color that gets lighter towards the tips. It is a low-maintenance shade for blondes while brunettes will need to bleach their locks. If you are planning to dye your hair but you are not quite sure about the shade that you want to have, consider this blonde. As soon as you get the tone, go for regular touchups to keep it fresh.Ash Blonde Hair ColorGolden Blonde Hair Highlights

Highlights are powerful enough to provide you with a sophisticated hair color. Even if you don’t want to change up your entire hair color, consider placing some hair highlights and you are done. Ask your hair colorist to place some strategical highlights over your face and throughout your locks for this look. Highlights, placed over your face will definitely lighten up your face.Golden Blonde Hair HighlightsRed Hair Color

Red hair color lovers will definitely appreciate this fiery tone. Redheads may rock this tone as it is an incredible option for any season of the year. The following shade flatters light skin tones. Whether you are seeking a new shade for a big hair color transformation, or you just want to update your hair color, this may be the best option.Red Hair Color

Icy Blonde Hair Color

Coco Rocha rocks a perfect shade of icy blonde that brings out the best of her light eyes and pale skin tone. Indeed, before getting the shade, you should consider your skin tone. Keep in your mind that a good hair color may enhance your style, while an inappropriate shade will destroy your whole appearance. Take cue from stunning Coco Rocha and go for a sophisticated hue like this.Icy Blonde Hair Color



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