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That’s not an easy task to create various hairstyles for short pixie haircut, but that’s not impossible either. Pixie still leaves some length for different styles. If you have always thought that pixie cannot be versatile, these ideas of short pixie hairstyles came to proof the opposite. With short hair, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite braids, that may sound crazy but it’s true. Below I have included some incredible hairstyles for a pixie haircut, if you don’t know how to style your pixie, take cue from these models.hairstyles for pixie haircut Bantu Knots on Pixie

Beauty blogger Salirasa, offers us various ways to style a short pixie haircut. We have decided to include one of her best looks. Bantu knots are all over her pixie. The knots look quite neat and clean. Lovely pink shade enhances the knots giving them more feminine look. You can pull off as many knots as you want but don’t forget to keep the lines clean and neat. Rock the style with statement earrings.pixie with bantu knotsPixie with Hair Clips 

Sometimes when you don’t want to go for a special hairstyle but you truly want to have something different, opt for hair accessories. Simple hair clips are always there to accessorize your pixie. Choose your favorite clip and tuck on the side of your head. Feminine clips are enough to take your pixie a notch higher. Buy your favorite clips and go ahead with the style.pixie with clipsPixie with Twisted Bangs

The following style is for females with grown out bangs. If you don’t know how to take your bangs out of your face, use twisting technique. Twist your bangs and pin with bobby pins. Twists will not only give a boho chic to your pixie but also take it a step farther. Anyone with a little bit length, will be able to achieve the style. It is an incredible look that is worth trying on pixies.Pixie with Twisted BangsPixie and Headband

The combination of a pixie and headband is simply irresistible. If you are invited to your friend’s wedding party, and you want to have an elegant pixie, opt for a chic headband. A simple headband will enhance your entire pixie while giving it a party-worthy look. You don’t have much to do with your pixie, but try to opt for a headband that works with your outfit and makeup.Pixie and HeadbandBraided Pixie

No woman can ever give up on braids. Why we love braids so much? Well, they are easy to create, plus they add a sophisticated touch to any hairstyle out there. Here is a braided pixie. The braids start from the top of the head and cross the forehead. Indeed, the lovely red shade is also fascinating.Braided Pixie



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