Lovely Messy Ponytail Hairstyles for 2022

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Be that messy or sleek, ponytails are easiest hairstyles to recreate. The best thing is that you can pull them off for various events. Everyone can sport ponytails both little girls and adults. You can still spice up your ponytail with hair colors clips and hair accessories. Look through the gallery below and pick up something from these lovely messy ponytail hairstyles for 2022. You can even try all of them to know which one is good for you.

The first thing that we notice about this style is the textured bangs dangling over the forehead. They help to create a fabulous face framing design. Apart from it, the strands also have a beautiful wavy and messy styling that entails pulling and tying them at the center of the head to form a high ponytail. The bright blonde and brown color combination also enhances the look of this messy ponytail.Incredible Messy PonytailWrapped up Mid-Length Ponytail

Before creating your ponytail, you should decide the location since it is one of the most important things that give a sophisticated look to your ponytail. If you don’t want high or low pony, opt for medium one. However there are also some other things that you will love about this pony- the subtle waves and the fact that some strands are wrapped around the elastic to cover it.Wrapped up Mid-Length PonytailSilver Messy Ponytail

Hair colors also matters a lot since it may take your simple pony to a top notch. The best example is represented below! The sophisticated silver shade adds an elegant touch to the style. This shade makes a huge difference but the strands also have a lovely styling and it entails pulling the strands up into a high ponytail and leaving some long tendrils at the front.Silver Messy PonytailHighlighted Messy Ponytail

These gorgeous highlights are the first thing that will catch attention and they are great when you want to enhance the overall look of your pony. To get this highlighted effect you will need to introduce some blonde brown shades into your hair. When you have color like this, the styling gets super effortless, since you just need to pull your hair up and tie into a ponytail.Highlighted Messy PonytailBoho Inspired Ponytail

This bohemian hairdo entails twisting the strands on the sides and pulling everything to the back. Actually it is an easy style that doesn’t require lots of time for styling. You just need to figure out the technique of creating it. Apart from twists, this pony has been styled in a messy pattern to make it even sexier. Give your strands a right color and your sophisticated ponytail is ready to rock. You can wear it both casually and formally.Boho Inspired Ponytail



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