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2022 slick hairstyles are associated with femininity and fragility. A perfect slick hairstyle requires an elegant outfit. With slick back hairdos, you can never go wrong. In this case, it is important to use a generous amount of hair products otherwise it will be impossible to create a wet-looking effect. Slick hairstyles can be worn in various ways- slick ponytails, slick updos, slick back hairstyles and etc. Here we have done our research to show off the latest slick hairstyles for different events. Most of these headdresses are easy to re-create. Go on reading to see some examples.

You can create this glossy look using high-shine, strong hold hair gel. Apart from it, you should also draw simple center part and tuck the strands behind the ear. If you call for attention this is the style to go for. However it can be perfectly paired with elegant evening gowns. Note that this hairstyle keeps the focus on the facial features and bone structure. It is a lovely style to pull off.Slick Center Parted HairstyleWet-Looking Hairstyle

Well, you can take your wet looking hairstyle a step higher by wearing it even more wet-looking design. This look is wild, inventive and somehow unusual. The pointy sides and the slicked back crown look great with eye-catching earnings. Before pulling off this hairstyle make sure that your face shapes allow you to go for a style like this, since we don’t want you to bring out your flaws.Wet Looking HairstyleSlick Curly Hairstyle

Who said that the wet look must be sleek and straight? Most of females think exactly like this, but this example comes to prove that wet hairstyles can be curly and wavy. The bangs and the medium-length strands are great for any occasion. However this headdress is all about hair products. Everyone can easily create a hairdo like this.Slick Curly HairstyleSlick Updo Hairstyle

Well, slick back updos are fantastic and can look super elegant. Here the locks have been slicked and then turned into a high bun style. The bun tailored on the head has been paired with a face framing fringe at the front. This piece helps to add a feminine touch to the appearance and make the bun stand out from the other updo hairstyles.Slick Updo HairstyleSlick Half up Hairstyle

The half up half down hairstyle has been created by tucking two sections of hair over one another. Bobby pins come in handy to secure the sections. The back of the hair has been given some shine with a hair serum while the front looks natural due to hairspray. Compared with other hairstyles this slick back style is not so wet.Slick Half up Hairstyle



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