Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair in Summer 2022

Braided Hairstyles

We have only a month for summer, so isn’t it the best moment to choose a cool hairstyle for hot months? Well, since the temperature is going to rise day by day, we need to find a hairstyle that is both effortless and trendy. The work is twofold difficult when you have ultra long tresses. No, we don’t ask you to chop off your locks, but we offer 2022 coolest updo hairstyles for long hair. There are complicated and easy-to-do updos, so we tried to select only the easiest ones. Go on reading to find new ways of keeping your hair out of your face.Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair in Summer 2022Intricate Braids

What can you do with long hair? Well, lots of things! Let’s start from intricate braids. This particular ponytail requires creating double braids that start from both sides of the head and a single mini braid that runs from the middle to the back. You can go for fishtail braids Dutch braids or simple three-strand braids. Gather all these plaits at the nape of the neck and secure into a ponytail. The messier, the better!Intricate BraidsSimple Bun

Bun is lazy girls’ most favorite style but not this one. It is a messy bun that is placed at the nape of the neck. It can be worn both casually and formally. Be generous about bobby pins, as you will need them to secure your bun. However it looks absolutely gorgeous with face framing tendrils. It is a flattering style for all ladies with long hair.Simple BunBohemian Milkmaid Braid

Boho inspired braids are not only attractive but also catchy. Well, simply braid your hair on both sides of your head and then pull those braids tightly around your forehead to create a milkmaid braid. The advantage of this headdress is that it looks super complicated while you can create it within minutes. You can create the style in a messy pattern.Bohemian Milkmaid BraidEmbellished Braid

The best way to give some life to your long locks is to go for braids. Well, braids are the greatest embellishment for long or short strands but you can use some other accessories to enhance your look as well. The choice of accessory is up to you, but here we have a sample that may inspire you and give you a better idea on how you can adorn your locks.Embellished BraidCurly Updo

Sometimes it is really hard to tame curly locks. With updos everything seems super easy. Get your inspiration from 90s curly updos. Actually creating those updos are easy as well because you will have to twist your hair at the nape of the neck and secure with bobby pins. Whether you believe or not but most of updos look fantastic on long curly hair.Curly Updo



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