Men’s Ivy League Haircuts for 2022

Men's Haircuts

2022 men’s Ivy League haircut is super diverse and it can be worn in various ways. Ivy League cut is also known as Princeton clip and it has its roots in America. I have already mentioned that it is versatile and it can skew as hipster or athletic- as you like. Ivy League cut can be styled with some modern touches – feel free to combine it with a fade, a shaved part, spikes etc. Below we have represented a good list of ideas on how to rock this cut.    Men’s Ivy League Haircuts for 2022Side Part and High Fade

This high fade goes well with a side part for a look that is classic and modern one. The shaved part is the best accent for this headdress and it adds a bold touch to the style. It is a typical hipster headdress that can be adopted by a modern man. Anyway the difference between the lengths is incredible and attention grabbing.Side Part and High FadeRebellious Spiky Haircut

Well, longer variation of Ivy League haircut allows you to go for rebellious styles like this one. Medium-high fade and long textured crown add some character to the look. The spikes are sharp but the overall styling is still touchable. To achieve them you will need to use a generous amount of hair products but the final result is just incredible.Rebellious Spiky HaircutFaded Cut for Wavy Hair

Here is another Ivy League haircut that is great for men with wavy texture. Ivy League haircut has always been considered a good haircut for straight hair; but it looks fantastic on waves too. Wavy strands have natural texture and volume and you will never ever need to use hair products to achieve extra volume. Well-groomed beard will definitely enhance the overall style.Faded Cut for Wavy HairSide Combed Crop

The strands are pretty short and look great with hair combed over to the side. With such short strands you don’t have to spend lots of time on styling. The real commitment is going to your regular cuts, so that it will look fresh and modern. For a neat and shiny headdress like this you can apply hair products.Side Combed CropSimple Ivy League Haircut

This short and simple Ivy League haircut is for those who don’t like to opt for too sophisticated hairstyles. This style looks great on variety of hair types regardless of your natural texture. You don’t have to use hair products to achieve a headdress like this. You can keep your focus on your beard style. Perfectly lined up facial hair will definitely draw attention.Simple Ivy League Haircut



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