Men’s Stylish Hairstyles for Trendsetters in 2022

Men's Haircuts

When you are a trendsetter, you should be informed about the latest hairstyle ideas the first. No one says that it is easy to keep up with every trend of fashion but it’s not impossible either. Trendsetters’ hairstyles stand out with crazy patterns, bold elements and of course, a good texture. I have compiled the latest stylish hairstyles for trendsetters in 2022 to give you an idea on how you can become a popular user on Instagram with the help of your hair. If you think that you are a trendsetter as well, check out these pictures and get inspired from.Men’s Stylish Hairstyles for Trendsetters in 2022

Comb Over Fade with Hair Design

Hair designs are for men who want a little bit edge into their life. Hair designs come in different shapes and shades. Some men prefer to opt for a pattern that has an important meaning for them. A hair design adds a modern twist to a comb over hairstyle. This styling allows us to see the creative pattern on the side of the head. To get a sleek comb over style, you may apply hair wax.Comb Over Fade with Hair Design

Textured Short Hairstyle for Men

As you can see men’s hairstyles don’t have to be boring and plain. The key to this stylish hairstyle is a good texture and multitude layers throughout the strands. The short sides draw attention to the top that doesn’t require special styling. If you have a crop like this, play up with your fingers and achieve a messy and disheveled hairstyle like this one.textured short hairstyle for men

Clean Shape Up Low Fade and Natural Curls

This trendy hairstyle requires some professionalism to recreate. It features a clean shape up, low fade and natural curls. It is the best style for Afro-American men as they have an appropriate texture for this style. As soon as you get the cut right you will not need any special styling as you are already blessed with kinky texture. Take this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same style.Clean Shape Up Low Fade and Natural Curls

Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

You have a thick hair type and you don’t know how tame it? Well consider this modern haircut that features short sides and long top. The hair has enough length to be styled up in spikes. The difference between hair lengths is more than visible. Note that the gray streaks (whether they are natural or colored) give extra pop to the strand while making the hairstyle stand out. You can easily copy this style too.Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

Bald Fade and Short Textured Haircut

This haircut is well-groomed and it is quite visible. The bald fade and sharp line up give modern touch to this short crop. Those who are blessed with natural wavy texture are truly lucky as they have a chance to style their strands in numerous ways. In this style, the short sides draw attention to long textured top that is styled in a messy pattern. Go for regular touchups to keep your crop in shape.Bald Fade and Short Textured Haircut



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